If you are a senior level executive and your company wants you to move on, there is a good chance that I can negotiate a better severance package for you than you could do for yourself.  And if you need to sue the company for breach of contract, or wrongful termination, I can do that, too. I have successfully negotiated settlements for several senior executives, including the Chief of Information Security (CISO) for a major bank, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of a major bank, and a partner at an accounting firm.  


David is a skilled courtroom advocate, with lots of experience in motion practice, trials and post-trial matters.  If you've been sued, have been threatened with a lawsuit, or received a demand letter from another lawyer, David will provide you with a free consultation to help you understand your options and develop a legal strategy in response.  Think you might have a cause of action, but you're not sure where to start? Talk to David.  Need an expert negotiator to advocate on your behalf to help settle a dispute?  Give David a call.  If your issue is outside of David's areas of expertise, he'll help you find  the right lawyer to handle the matter, with no charge for the consultation.  What do you have to lose? 

Corporate Investigations

Do you suspect wrongdoing or fraud in your organization or business?  Have you had complaints of discrimination or harassment?  Have you had a spate of injuries at your workplace?  Sometimes you need a trusted outsider to conduct a confidential internal investigation, to get to the bottom of your problem before it becomes an even bigger problem.  David has conducted or advised a wide range of investigations within the military, from equal opportunity and harassment complaints, to ethics complaints, to the investigation of serious criminal allegations.  If you need a professional of unimpeachable integrity with the skills, tenacity and intelligence to get to the truth, consider David.

Serving the Greater Jacksonville, Florida, area in the following practice areas:

State and Federal Criminal Defense

Military Justice - Court-Martial Defense/Other Military Adverse Actions

See my military justice page for more details on this part of my practice.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

David Frakt is a criminal defense attorney who has defended clients facing a wide range of criminal charges from misdemeanors to capital murder, in courts-martial, federal and state courts. He's even defended detainees (and won) in the United States Military Commissions at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  David started his career as a military prosecutor and also served as a Special Assistant U.S. Attorney for the District of Utah, prosecuting cases in Federal Court, before becoming a military public defender, and then a private defense counsel, so he has a broad range of experience.  Whether you’ve just been arrested, charged or indicted, need someone to work out a plea, or are seeking to appeal or expunge a conviction, David is ready to put his advocacy skills to work for you.  As an honors graduate of Harvard Law School, a licensed lawyer since 1994 and a former criminal law professor, he has the brainpower, savvy and experience to help you tackle your case head-on, protect your rights, and achieve the best outcome.  David is admitted to the U.S. District Court for the Middle and Northern Districts of Florida

Employment Law - Executive Severance

Examples of the Types of Matters/Cases I have handled recently: 

  • I successfully represented two different government contractors who were proposed for debarment (being barred from working on federal contracts) from federal contracting for alleged fraud against the government.  In both cases,  I was able to prove that garment was not warranted and the proposed debarment action was lifted, enabling the contractors to continue their careers.
  • I defended a small businessman in small claims court when a customer sued him for a full refund and other damages stemming from a contract dispute, even though the small businessman had already given a partial refund to the customer to try and resolve the dispute.  We won the case, and I recovered attorney's fees from the opposing party.
  • I have represented several Veterans, in petitions to the Armed Forces Boards of Corrections for Military Records, including the Army Board of Corrections for Military Records or ABCMR, the Board of Corrections for Naval Records (BCNR) and the Air Force Board of Corrections for Military Records (AFBCMR).
  • I have represented law professors from several different law schools and other educational institutions, both in wrongful termination cases and in cases where the schools were closing or reducing faculty size, successfully negotiating settlements.
  • In an executive termination case, I negotiated with the employer to recharacterize the termination as an early retirement and increased the severance compensation by 50%.
  • In a wrongful termination case, the employer agreed to characterize the departure as voluntary and pay severance to  my client. 
  • I successfully defended a retired Air Force member against several federal firearms offenses stemming from possession of weapons on a federal installation.  He was acquitted on all charges.
  • I successfully defended a Marine Gunnery Sergeant against a charge of wrongful drug use based on a positive urinalysis test in March 2020 in Okinawa, Japan.  Result - Acquittal.
  • I defended an Air Force member stationed at Aviano Air Base, Italy against a rape charge referred to a General Court-Martial.  I was able to get all charges dismissed the day before trial was scheduled to begin.

See my criminal practice and higher ed practice pages for more examples.

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