Here is a sample of the types of cases I have handled in Florida courts, and the results I have gotten:

Florida Rule of Criminal Procedure Rule 3.850 Appeals for ineffective assistance of counsel and prosecutorial misconduct:

-30 year conviction for aggravated battery reversed 

-50 year conviction for armed robbery, kidnapping reversed 

Burglary with Injury, Threats to Kill, Assault, Aggravated Stalking - Negotiated Plea for Probation and Time Served

Wrongful Discharge of Firearm, Felon in Possession - Negotiated Plea for Probation

Violation of Probation, Drug Use -  Negotiated Arranged for case to be handled in Drug Court

Domestic Violence Injunctions - Successfully defended husband falsely accused of domestic violence, injunction dismissed

Domestic Violence Battery - multiple cases dismissed

Criminal Traffic Cases - Driving without a license or on suspended license (fines and probation)

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